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Clock day Animati0n Clock day Animati0n

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The best flash movie I have ever layed my eye upon

No words can describe the feelings I felt while watching this masterpiece. I was moved, I was in awe practically the whole time. You are truly a master of our time and I would hope that you continue making movies of this caliber up until the day you die.

SNR (Smith) SNR (Smith)

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well...I didn't exactly know what was going on but I still thought it was prety cool...

I know its not finished or anything but there isn't really a point to showing this untill it IS finished. I kinda like the colorless sketchy style there, but not much is really hapening...yet. I'm sure the full version woll be much better.

I will give this a 3

Power Plunger Power Plunger

Rated 4 / 5 stars


That was a prety good movie.

The color and graphics were simple, yet they did the job well. I can't say im a big fan of stickfigures, but....I liked this. Nice voice acting.

Operation: BAD Operation: BAD

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not bad. : )

Considering I hate you, I could leave a terrible review such as, "zomfgg u r ghey lolo i hat u bad movy!".

But, This was actually a prety good has some flaws, the movement was smooth but it definatly went to slow at times.

Graphics - Prety good! There was some nice detail in the backgrounds, and with the close up....although I realize they wern't made by you....

style - They are stickfigures....not too much style there...but the way you made them dance and stuff....that was prety good... so thats where you got the points for style.

sound - There was no music, and not much sound in the first that makes your score go down. The dancing part had that song, so that gives you some points.

violence - There was some fighting, but it was grusome, or really not too much score for that.

Interactivity - I didn't see anything too interactive so I can't comment on that.

humor - I could detect some humor in there somewhere....the dancing was prety funny.....

Overall - Overall I can tell you put some effort into it. There are some flaws, but there are also lots of good things about it.

1. It's smooth.
2. It's fastpaced (some parts).
3. Its animated well.

But there is lots of room for improvement.

1. Could have been more fastpaced in parts.
2. Could have added some extra eyecandy, or effects.
3. The dancing part was good....but a bit short.
4. The whole thing could have been longer.
5. Some of the stick movements were a bit weird.

goodluck on your game, or whatever it is....crazygay.

CRAZY-King-JAY responds:

Thanks for hating me and not the movie, I didnt put music in the first part cause I like the sound effects of it, And didnt want to take away from that. Pluse it makes the dance part with music that much better. anyhow. THanks for the tips.

A Generic Happy Christmas A Generic Happy Christmas

Rated 0 / 5 stars

it sucks...

try better...